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October 19, 2021 Research progress were presented International Conference on Power Ingineeering-2021 (ICOPE2021), Virtual Conference, Online

International Conference on Power Ingineeering-2021 (ICOPE2021) was held as virtual conference, Online. Prof. Takeda and graduate students presented their research outcomes.

  • Yoichi Takeda :
    "Effect of grain boundary precipitations on fatigue cracking path of Alloy 617 in a superheated steam environment at 750oC"
  • Hiroki Kobayashi(M2) :
    "Evaluation of oxidation behaviors during fatigue crack growth in aged CrMo cast steels in a steam environment at 600oC"
  • Seitaro Fujiwara(M2) :
    "Characterization of oxidation behavior of Ni-based alloy contains precipitates in supercritical water at 750oC"
  • Ryotaro Yajima(M2) :
    "A Study on solid oxide fuel cell hybrid system combined with an existing heavy-duty gas turbine to promote the use of hydrogen"
  • Kenta Goto(M1) :
    "Improving load changing rate of heavy duty gas turbine applied with overground compressed air energy storage (CAES) system"